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I think similar to Nobuo Uematsu , Chris Huelsbeck is a real ‘melody maker’. So I guess what got my attention first were his catchy compositions that really ...

The album reached #59 on the Japan Oricon charts. [21] Adam Corn of claimed "the superior instrumental quality, well-done arrangements, and tasteful selection of themes boost the [ Original Soundtrack ' s] qualities while hiding its flaws", elaborating that "even people such as myself who are not fans of the original will be impressed by its prowess, and fans will simply be enamored". [22] Neal Chandran of RPGFan was similarly impressed, saying that it was "a very good soundtrack" and that its tracks sounded "more beautiful than the original version". His primary complaint was that he would have liked for the album to include more pieces. [20]

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More than 170,000 votes were cast in this year’s Classic FM Hall of Fame. The top 20 are listed below - click here for the full chart :

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Nobuo Uematsu - Music From FFV And FFVI Video GamesNobuo Uematsu - Music From FFV And FFVI Video GamesNobuo Uematsu - Music From FFV And FFVI Video GamesNobuo Uematsu - Music From FFV And FFVI Video Games